Skinceuticals facial at The Spa Artisan, Fullerton Hotel


So this was my second Skinceuticals facial at one of Jazreel Low’s gorgeous Singapore spas. The first one I did was at Aramsa the Garden Spa in Bishan – which seriously, doesn’t even feel like it’s in Singapore. The downtown location of The Spa Artisan at the Fullerton Hotel is a lot more accessible and while it doesn’t have Aramsa’s garden zen, it’s done what it can to keep the atmosphere cool and calm. In fact the spa just won an award for Best Luxury Boutique Spa in the World Luxury Hotel Awards, so it’s not just me who thinks this brand is going places.


I think after two facials, I have to say I’m pretty much a convert to Skinceuticals. Both times I’ve done their facials, I felt a bit of tingly-ness (is that a word?) but both times I’ve walked out with glowing skin. This time round I tried the Cell Regenerating Facial which included two cleanses, an exfoliation, a massage and a mask. What was interesting was that the exfoliation took place without steam, my therapist told me it’s because my pores don’t need to be further aggravated. Kind of sounded like they were just sitting there wide open, inviting in the dirt…but I have to say she really cleaned them good tho.


One day on and I feel like my skin really looks and feels better. Skinceuticals products have a great reputation and they’re definitely a brand I’d like to try more of. I have got my grubby little hands on their Physical Fusion UV Defense as well as a Phloretin serum so those should show up here on the blog (eventually).


Tried this: SCO’s conditioning face cream

So when I was in Singapore back in October, I did a story for AsiaSpa Magazine for their Singapore/Malaysia supplement on skincare in Singapore. I still think this is a super interesting topic and there are quite a few cool brands in the Lion City.


That’s not Russian, the label’s just rubbed off

This one to be fair, didn’t start out in Singapore. SCO is originally from New York but from what I understand was bought over by Cynthia Chua of Spa Esprit/Strip fame and is currently sold at Beauty Emporium at Dempsey. Starting with a base, a range of different botanicals/ingredients can be infused into the cream depending on your skin type.

Of course this also means that the cream is organic and doesn’t last long. A little sticker tels you when the cream was made, and when it’s best used by. Even though the Best By date is listed on mine as 12/27/2013, I was anxious to get at it since I have a tendency to hoard things and just…leave them in my magic skincare drawer.


Made just for me

My custom SCO cream contains green tea (rich in antioxidants, prevents moisture loss and reduces cellulite, tho I think the day I have cellulite in my face is the day I become a crazy stay-at-home-spinster), growth factor (sounds scary but is supposed to improve hydration) and soy (rich in proteins and amino acids). I’ve been using it this past month in Shanghai and I love the smell and texture. It could probably be a bit heavier for winter…but actually when I went back to Shanghai¬† in March I didn’t realise it would still BE winter. So that’s not the cream’s fault. It was great in Singapore though and is still great in Hong Kong. I think Shanghai just has to warm up a little and then we’ll all be happy.

Beauty Emporium is at House at Dempsey

Chinese New Year preparations

Chinese New Year is in two days and this time I actually prepared a potential blog post to lead up to it (applause please since Christmas and New Year were a big fail). We celebrate the new year in Singapore (mandatory, no questions asked) but we bring half of Hong Kong’s food products back in our suitcases.

Being “self-employed”, I decided to follow my mom on her rounds of Sheung Wan for the best lap cheong (cured sausage?) and other random things.


Then I got distracted taking random pictures of things…


Like this.

I like Sheung Wan for its old school charm which still has the feel of a Hong Kong that wasn’t Asia’s biggest finance centre. Before all the IFCs and ICCs and whatever Cs came in. As someone who couldn’t be a foodie if she tried, I can’t even begin to name the stuff in the pics I took (useless I know) but at to be honest I was mainly taking pics for the feel of the place. Most of these places are along Des Veoux and it’s a great area to walk around and take a look at (though don’t actually go before Chinese New Year, it’s hectic!)


Fish maw…?


Dried fish…and stuff


Tea! Right?


Old jars on display

Wishing everyone a happy year of the water snake. For those of you like me who are Roosters, apparently our luck’s pretty good this year particularly if you’re self-employed. No health issues to worry about BUT if you have female colleagues/bosses, be wary of them. Just something I read in a random horoscope book. Never hurts to prepare!

Hot happy holidays in Singapore

Hello blog, it’s been awhile! I’ve been meaning to blog since Christmas but I was sick before it and then sicker after and then I came back to Shanghai where the internet hates me. Anyway here’s a picture post of my time back in Singapore. Warm Christmases are the norm for me but it was good to check out some new places. 2012-12-23 13.39.40

Visited a cozy brunch place in Katong called Rabbit, Carrot, Gun. The place as far as I could tell only had carrots, no rabbits and no (illegal) guns, but the lunch was great. So great that I of course did not take any pics (not a food blogger).

2012-12-23 13.45.12

2012-12-23 14.00.08

Anyone who references my favourite childhood half-cartoon gets my vote for a fun place to visit.


Evening strolls and snacks are always fun in Singapore (yes they usually take place post-clubbing) but Marina Bay Sands is really way nicer at 3am when no one is there. Below is late night garlic naan from an prata place near my home. As you all know, I never say no to carbs no matter what time it is.


Christmas in my family is a big affair. Six aunts and uncles and their spouses, 23 cousins and second cousins and their spouses and kids. Basically it adds up to a big Christmas feast…but because we spent so much time demolishing it, all I have left is a photo of the Christmas pasta.


And yeah these are all my instagram photos, you can follow me there @karentanfong too. At least that gets updated a little more often!