Skinceuticals facial at The Spa Artisan, Fullerton Hotel


So this was my second Skinceuticals facial at one of Jazreel Low’s gorgeous Singapore spas. The first one I did was at Aramsa the Garden Spa in Bishan – which seriously, doesn’t even feel like it’s in Singapore. The downtown location of The Spa Artisan at the Fullerton Hotel is a lot more accessible and while it doesn’t have Aramsa’s garden zen, it’s done what it can to keep the atmosphere cool and calm. In fact the spa just won an award for Best Luxury Boutique Spa in the World Luxury Hotel Awards, so it’s not just me who thinks this brand is going places.


I think after two facials, I have to say I’m pretty much a convert to Skinceuticals. Both times I’ve done their facials, I felt a bit of tingly-ness (is that a word?) but both times I’ve walked out with glowing skin. This time round I tried the Cell Regenerating Facial which included two cleanses, an exfoliation, a massage and a mask. What was interesting was that the exfoliation took place without steam, my therapist told me it’s because my pores don’t need to be further aggravated. Kind of sounded like they were just sitting there wide open, inviting in the dirt…but I have to say she really cleaned them good tho.


One day on and I feel like my skin really looks and feels better. Skinceuticals products have a great reputation and they’re definitely a brand I’d like to try more of. I have got my grubby little hands on their Physical Fusion UV Defense as well as a Phloretin serum so those should show up here on the blog (eventually).