Tried this: [comfort zone] renight vitamin integrator

[comfort zone] is an Italian skincare brand, quite popular with spas in China and in Hong Kong. I haven’t seen it yet in Singapore. One of my favourite spas in Hong Kong, Bodywize, uses it a lot and I remember having a really awesome facial using these products the first time I ever visited them.

This vitamin regenerator night oil comes from their renight (everything is in lower case, this is not bad grammar on my part) line which also includes a wrinkle filler and cream. I’ve played around with the wrinkle filler before but probably didn’t use it enough to see results.


The renight oil contains Goji berry which is packed full of vitamins and antioxidant properties, there’s also vitamin E, lycopene, rice and jojoba oils for hydration and restoration. I use it every night in Shanghai where the air is quite dry (and where as we know, the water contains all sorts of pig properties…). I’m used to heavier oils, and my dehydrated skin probably needs that more, but at least with this one I can use it in all three countries I tend to find myself in and I can mix it up with serums and what not. I’ve been using it in Singapore (yes, hot, humid Singapore where face oil probably isn’t that popular) and I haven’t found it too oily.


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