Tried this: SCO’s conditioning face cream

So when I was in Singapore back in October, I did a story for AsiaSpa Magazine for their Singapore/Malaysia supplement on skincare in Singapore. I still think this is a super interesting topic and there are quite a few cool brands in the Lion City.


That’s not Russian, the label’s just rubbed off

This one to be fair, didn’t start out in Singapore. SCO is originally from New York but from what I understand was bought over by Cynthia Chua of Spa Esprit/Strip fame and is currently sold at Beauty Emporium at Dempsey. Starting with a base, a range of different botanicals/ingredients can be infused into the cream depending on your skin type.

Of course this also means that the cream is organic and doesn’t last long. A little sticker tels you when the cream was made, and when it’s best used by. Even though the Best By date is listed on mine as 12/27/2013, I was anxious to get at it since I have a tendency to hoard things and just…leave them in my magic skincare drawer.


Made just for me

My custom SCO cream contains green tea (rich in antioxidants, prevents moisture loss and reduces cellulite, tho I think the day I have cellulite in my face is the day I become a crazy stay-at-home-spinster), growth factor (sounds scary but is supposed to improve hydration) and soy (rich in proteins and amino acids). I’ve been using it this past month in Shanghai and I love the smell and texture. It could probably be a bit heavier for winter…but actually when I went back to Shanghai  in March I didn’t realise it would still BE winter. So that’s not the cream’s fault. It was great in Singapore though and is still great in Hong Kong. I think Shanghai just has to warm up a little and then we’ll all be happy.

Beauty Emporium is at House at Dempsey


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