Tried this: MTM’s Aqua BB Cream

A good BB cream is hard to come by. Too light and you get no coverage, too heavy and you end up looking like a geisha and not in a good way. My favourite used to be Hanskin’s simplest formula which had SPF 35. But I can’t find it anymore. Since then I’ve been using Jane Iredale’s tinted moisturizer but that only has an SPF of 15 and it’s pretty expensive (not to mention it doesn’t seem to have much coverage…also what’s the point of SPF 15??).

When I got a tube of MTM’s Aqua BB Cream, I was pretty excited and with good reason. I started using it while in Singapore, (which thanks to the humidity, is the LAST place you’d want to wear heavy makeup ). I realised that just one quick application of the cream made my skin look great. While I was running around doing my journalism-thing, it was the only makeup I wore to look presentable. And maybe it was just the sun, but I really think my skin looked good.

I’ve brought it with me to Shanghai and am already worried it’s going to run out. I wear it every day with a bit of concealer and powder and then whatever makeup I have time to slap on before I’m late for class. It goes on nice and light but clearly with some substance and I like the effect it gives. Let’s hope that it lasts as long as my Shanghai adventure otherwise I’m actually going to have to *gasp* pay for a new tube,



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