Spa Review: Clarins Skin Spa Tri-Active Treatment

I love Clarins. But I didn’t used to. In Europe, the brand is famous. And of course now, so is the whole Courtin-Clarins family. But when I was growing up, I didn’t see much of Clarins in Singapore, and to be honest, I just thought it was for old people.

So I’m glad that my job has afforded me a few great opportunities to try Clarins’ treatments, particularly once when I did a facial and a massage while I was severely jetlagged. I slept through most of it and came out glowing. And I’m pretty sure it wasn’t from the nap.

This time I went to try one of their new Tri-Active Treatments, each designed for visible results, but naturally I chose The Sculptor, which contours the body while reducing water retention and other uncomfortable stuff to make you look slimmer. Naturally this was for me.

The only major issue I had with the treatment was timing. I was in a rush and had booked the treatment for 12pm, but we didn’t start until 12.30pm. But if there’s anything Clarins has pat down, it’s service. And I totally blame the tai-tai who came before and was probably late to her appointment anyway. I said I needed to be done before 2pm and done I was though they didn’t skimp on the treatment in any way. And the treatment is good. The exfoliation is done with a liquid so there’s no messy rice grains or whatever that you need to shower off. The massage designed to reduce water retention was firm with long strokes but not too vigorous that it stresses you out. Finally, a cream is applied leaving you fresh and ready to face the day feeling slightly slimmer.

Rating: 8/10


Tried this: Organic Pharmacy’s Carrot Butter Cleanser

I’ve been using this cleanser for awhile and it’s been…interesting. The Organic Pharmacy started selling their all-organic wares here in Hong Kong beginning of this year thereabouts and I’ve always been keen to try them out. The problem is, I’ve never understood those cleansers where you wipe it off with a muslin cloth and this is one such product. Basically you put it on, allow it to dissolve the dirt and makeup on your face, then use a hot muslin cloth and wipe off the access. It’s not really designed for women who wake up late for work on a daily basis. Which would be me.

Instructions say to use a penny-sized amount and I would do that sparingly, because otherwise it goes on really thick (and doesn’t feel like it comes off!). The smell is amazing and instantly relaxing, which is a good exchange for all the work you need to go through to use the cleanser. I know that this product is probably ideal for me and my dry skin, and it does feel smooth once most of it is off, but I do find the whole process kind of tedious.  Call me lazy.

Spa Review: 1010 Space Malin + Goetz

I first came across 10/10 Space at last year’s AsiaSpa Awards when they were up for best spa design and I’d never even heard of them . This didn’t sit well with my borderline obsessive need to try every spa in Hong Kong. On my first visit, I got completely lost. I hadn’t expected it to be subtly stowed away on the second floor of a building near Fashion Walk, its too-cool-for-school vibe a direct contrast to the crazy shopping chaos outside.

The first thing that struck me about the spa, both on my first visit and my second for the Malin+Goetz facial is how good the service is. Unlike some local spas which are hard sell first, vague sense of service second, 1010 Space has it the right away around. And there’s no hard sell though it might be hard to stop yourself from buying something after your treatment.

Though she said she was new, my therapist was obviously an old hand when it came to good service. She explained the treatment clearly, running me through the cleansing, exfoliation, oxygen mask and then hydrating serum application. Having once been told I had the skin of a 40 year-old (when I was a lot further from 40 than I currently am!) I feel obliged to do hydrating facials wherever I go. My therapist assured me this would be perfect.

Malin+Goetz, started by two guys from New York including one from the Kiehl’s family has a pretty funky reputation. The packaging is cool and the products seemed nice. Given that my only prior experience with the brand pre-facial was with a hand soap I received once (and loved but am too cheap to buy) I was curious to see whether the treatment would be particularly harsh on the skin or soothing.

The products all smelled wonderful, and definitely didn’t feel harsh on the skin. I was a fan of the grapefruit face cleanser which smelled and felt good. And the oxygen mask fun in a fizzy way. Then I fell asleep.

I have a bad habit of falling asleep during facials (and massages, and body wraps and….) which I used to think made me a bad reviewer. At the same time, it’s not like I could sleep during a BAD treatment, and I’ve had quite a few of those, so I know I have some standards. Plus a friend recently enlightened me that sleeping through facials is good because it relaxes the skin. So there.

I left the treatment feeling renewed and my skin felt well taken care of and look much clearer than it had before. I still think that when it comes to hydration, my face can’t do without oil of some sort but for a good cleansing (and great service), 10/10 Space is definitely a place I’d recommend.

Rating: 8/10

*all photos courtesy of 1010 Space