about this blog

Working for four of luxury magazines for the last three years hasĀ  gotten me seriously addicted to the finer things in life. Already naturally inclined to sloth-like behaviour

ahhh spaaaah

, writing for AsiaSpa just made me love being pampered even more – except I got to do it professionally.

Also, because I handled the luxury products sections and fashion shoots for Asia-Pacific Boating and LP Luxury Properties I’ve learned a lot about watches and fashion (though definitely not enough to pretend this is any kind of fashion or style blog). In fact the only thing I probably don’t want to buy at this point is a yacht (not a good idea to ask me to write about them either).

Because I’m worth it, all HKD 80 million dollars of it (for now!!)

There weren’t always places to vent my feelings in the magazines, so I’ve started this blog to write about my travels (assumably there will be lots of this now that I’m unemployed/freelance), hotel and spa reviews and the only kind of food I could ever write intelligently or lovingly about, pasta. Here goes nothing.

Mac and cheese…my one true love